Houston Rap

GONZO247 was honored when friends Peter Beste and Lance Scott Walker asked him to design the slip case for their new book, Houston Rap. This included designing original artwork and multiple book signing events in 2013.

DETAILS: The Houston, Texas, neighborhoods of Fifth Ward, Third Ward and South Park have grown to be hallowed ground for modern rap culture, populated with celebrities, entrepreneurs, support networks and a micro-economy of their own. Photographer Peter Beste (photographer of True Norwegian Black Metal) and writer Lance Scott Walker spent nine years documenting the most influential style in twenty-first-century hip hop and the vibrant inner city culture from which it stems. This was the inspiration for the artwork. Gonzo, who grew up listening to many of the rappers featured in the book, began this interpretation of “a day in the life of” the local Houston rap scene. The artwork was created on a 4’x5’ canvas and a high res scan of the final piece was used to create the slip covers. With the book release, Gonzo was asked to participate in several of the book signing sessions across Texas.

Medium: Digital