Collect It For The Culture III

Presented by Black Buddha Creative Agency with Curator and Artist Robert Hodge in Houston, Texas 'Collect It For The Culture III' art show opened on January 29, 2021 and was on display through February, 28, 2021. Artist GONZO247 builds a large retail window size site specific art installation on display, titled 'The Departure', 2021 using empty spray cans, painted acrylic, and latex paint on canvas.

DETAILS: The installation can be broken down into 3 layers. 1. The Pyramid - In the center of the installation I assembled empty spray cans, from my collection, into a triangular shape. Although the triangle lays flat on the ground, when viewed from a certain angle, or viewed with a little imagination, the triangle transforms into a pyramid. The pyramid built or spray cans is multi layered in meaning. The spray cans pay homage to my graffiti roots, the foundation of my art. Also, in the same way many indigenous cultures share the pyramid as part of their identity, graffiti also connected people around the world to the sub-culture of Hip Hop. 2. The City - The triangle points the viewer to the background layer, which is a 10’ x 15’ canvas with a stylized rendition of downtown Houston. The city has been a huge part of my foundation and this is where I started building what would become my artistic career. 3. The floating elements - In the mid-ground of the installation I have 3 individual elements created out of plexiglass. The astronaut represents my journey of pushing artistic boundaries and ushering in a graffiti and street art scene in Houston. The astronaut suit is inspired by the classic Houston Astros baseball uniform of the 1980’s. Inside the helmet, there is a fetus. This is a nod to my “Birth of Creativity” series. The center element is a stylized interpretation of the central highways that surround downtown Houston; US59, US45, I-10 and 288. The arrows at the end of the highways are reminders to stay in motion and keep discovering. The Space Shuttle is blasting off symbolizes 'The Departure'. The thrust represents my art, history, grit propelling me to new heights and adventures. The journey continues and I'm launching off to explore new realms. You have to have the courage to leave behind the 'safe place', 'the certain', and comfort in order to reach the outer regions of Creativity. It has been an honor to exhibit with over 30 Texas-based artists. Many thanks to all involved, which includes The Heist Agency, Artists For Artists, and Green Street (Downtown Houston). Art supporters are invited to learn more about ‘Collect It For The Culture III’ online at